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once again back it's the ridiculous

The comic returns! Some of you may notice that I said “Wednesday” up there on the status bar, and lo and behold, it is not just technically Wednesday in certain time zones when the comic appears. That is but one of many wonders I have implemented. Possibly, I’ll get even better at this, and have updates go up in the (shudder) morning.

Some of you may also notice that the comic isn’t actually over. No credits, no end statement, no nothing. It is so! Nobody Scores! comics will now be slathered together in a slightly longer overall format while each installment will be shorter, the better to kill me less. In fact, and this may not be immediately apparent, I am now working with set page sizes. The current installment size is two pages, and I’ll update twice a week as in the past. I might shift to one-page installments three times a week if I can write that short. I am trying to fit in some kind of climax at the end of each installment so reading comics out of context isn’t entirely pointless. So the current tale, detaling the dangers of black boxes, will be four installments, an eight-page comic in total. Future stories may run two, eight, twelve, even twenty pages maybe.

So. Comics!