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Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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Looks like I am still doing cartoons!

When I put the last cartoon up, I was hit with such a colossal wave of disgust at the thought of jumping through more hoops for internet people that I completely forgot to provide any context for what I was doing. But this time there was virtually no disgust! There will never be no disgust at all, mind you: each Nobody Scores! cartoon from the very beginning has been seasoned with a minimum of 10% of your yearly recommended authorial contempt for the reader, and there’ll be no changing that now. What do you want me to do, show up in car commercials?

Anyway, this is sort of going back to roots for me: not only are some of the very first Nobody Scores! cartoons one-panels, but the first comics I ever did for people, in high school and college, were one-panels. No I am not showing you them, go away before I get redisgusted. I have a number of them written up, and was going to do them in rapid succession, but disgust + flu + short trip (after this cartoon goes up) has screwed that idea. Will hew to it as close as possible though.


Here is an entertaining comics-video-essay on a worthwhile subject.

On the other hand, the using comics because that way you can talk to people loudly and slowly, as if they’re stupid? Tell me if you look at that video and don’t see that going on, a little, like, WATCH THE PICTURES THEY ARE SHINY – and that’s useful, no doubt, for getting through to people, but is that the only thing to do with cartoons? Like, have this going on with a Spalding Gray monologue and have the art just go in a completely different direction? But no, that would be weird.

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