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Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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Sara and Jane said they wanted to take a break from Nobody Scores. Well, I tried.


I’ve got some groceries, some peanut butter, to last a couple of days, but I ain’t got no speakers, ain’t got no headphones, ain’t got no records to play.

Ok, so plans for Thee Nobody Scores Revolution (<- imagine this rendered in Papyrus) have been derailed by life derailments and more directly by my computer going up in flames, which is pretty direct what, and before I got my super pathetic iBook G3 up (difficulty: its screen is dead and I hadn’t touched it in years) I really was living some Talking Heads lyrics. Philosophical discovery: Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens, but the converse: false! So. The main computer still being in the shop while expert technicians try and figure out whatdafuck is going on, I’m forced to bend my comic to accommodate my current machine’s capabilities. So, shorter, vignettish comics, somewhat more frequently than once a week, just for now. It can handle Photoshop – I know, right? People actually used Photoshop ten years ago! Craaazy shit. But not Youtube. And no DVD drive. It is a sad existence for me.

This last comic is a little more experimental than it looks as I am trying out an idea for the Post-Nobody-Scores comic that I may yet live to draw. Also, it’s a bit of a riff on something. Lemme explain:

Something I do every now and then when writing a comic is, start with somebody else’s panels – something where I’m interested, but also like what the fuck? – and continue on to wherever I’d wished it had gone. An earlier example, wherein Casualties Are Regrettable. The setup was a Pearls Before Swine strip wherein the piggy, having complained of “chills”, shows up anyway in a block of ice. Ha ha! Except I was like, how the fuck did he get in a block of ice? That seems elaborate! I want details! (I like the idea of Pearls Before Swine, usually, but Pastis always always seems to stop just before he’s about to get interesting. Follow-through!)

Soooo this one came from a review of Faith Erin Hicks’ Zombies Calling that, while I’m not casting aspersions on the book itself & I assume is at least reasonably entertaining, manages to pluck a three-panel sequence that makes the book look pretty unpromising, that is, not even gloriously stupid. I had to figure out what was going on with the protagonist, see, that she felt compelled to say “now zombies, it’s just you… and me.” I mean, Ash could get away with it, but that’s the point – Ash’s travails render him completely de-ranged. That is also why the movie panels are in black and white – from the source I was having a go at a more traditional b/w comics style which was fun. As for the cowboys vs. werewolves, that was a natural progression, plus a copyrighted movie idea that will get me millions and millions and millions of dollars.


Learn about comics, guys! Read about comics-making tools at this blog – listen to them, don’t do like I do, I am a cautionary tale – and this class-turned-blog about how to put it all together. It is wisdom time.

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