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Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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Two updates. No! Three updates.

– I moved a pretty long distance at the beginning of the month and am still not in permanent permanent permanent digs; suggest to me the nearest nice city location on top of a buried treasure hoard and I will take it under advisement;

– I still don’t have my own real computer – the real computer I am getting arrives in about a week after a three-week-long shipping process (so bear this in mind if you are about to get a similar device through popular online channels) and in the meantime I must share a fake computer which, though it runs Photoshop fairly decently, has proven to be not much faster on net than the jury-rigged setup I had before of one (1) G3 iBook with 1 (one) non-functioning screen connected to a monitor via video mirroring, then running 10.4 via an external hard drive since you can’t normally run 10.4 on an iBook since it does not have a DVD drive; this conglomeration of devices I secured into a solid CompuSphere with duct tape.

– Beyond which I developed another creative crisis in which I did not merely lose faith in web-comics, or comics, or art, but in fact the very concept of human communication, and attempted to retreat to the nearest mountaintop cave, which turned out to be 1,206.52 miles away so fuck it. Writer’s block note: creative difficulties get worse with time, since: pressure to perform! Imagining people going “I waited for this?!” Whereas if you pop one out every day or so, there’s no expectations! Which I guess is why on one end you get the Nicholas Gurevitches and Aaron Diazes &c. and on the other you get people who are real proud to crank out one joke a day even though you are not particularly sure they have cranked out one joke ever.

So the solution, obviously, is to start cranking out one joke a day until things stop sucking, or get a close as possible to this, so, after deploying quicksand to slurp up various distractions I will do as many short cartoons as I can before turkey and brothers descend upon this here American person. Then I have about three or four long comics in the pipeline that I will finally have the Photoshop power & focus to bring to the screen.

Then things are going to get really sad and pointless! I’m excited just thinking about it.


Pixar’s lamp is brought to justice.

If you see Jane Doe doing this in the first panel of a comic (“Greetings, mooches! I have acquired a what the fuck is that”) well this is where it came from.

I believe I have found an instructional video that is relevant to the interests of my readership.

Has Amanda Palmer ever done a non-delightful cover of somebody’s song? Yes, she has, actually, but I will preserve your illusions: watch this one instead.

Obligatory meta-internet musical number.

This non-video thing is the most pain-causing pun I have ever seen in my life. I think. I tend to block out memories of this sort of thing. My brain just can’t deal with it when language beats me. (The rest of the blog is good in a way that hurts less acutely.)

If you have non month-old video to alert the readership to, please write the home office below.

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