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Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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I thought of a Christmas cartoon like three hours ago, which was way too late, so maybe next year for that. This little drawing I came up with yesterday. I have been working on a cartoon too and it will be linked to here when it is done.


I have finally fucking figured out what I am going to change about this comic and it is going to be the setting. Say goodbye to the Nobody Scores! apartment! I have three more comics to do and then I am setting my characters completely loose from their three-roommate situation to wreak sad havoc on every other stock setting in the world. I think they are well established enough that cutting them free will work out and just adding auxiliary characters is proving suboptimal. Look forward to Nobody Scores adaptations of – possibly – samurai movies, instructional pamphlets, Food Network cooking shows, Slylock Fox, and C-SPAN. Then run far away of course.

After a stupid last half of 2k9 around here the 2010s are gonna be more interesting if it fries my little brain like an egg in an active volcano, which’ll probably happen. Save a padded room for me. Also I like grape flavored mush.


Resolved! Well, several things, one of which I’m gonna try to get you poor readers to help me with, but I know some of you have been asking for comments to go with the comics, and also I have all these stupid transcriptions sitting around in picking their noses, so I thought I’d throw both problems in the same meatlocker – what? That’s a common enough solution to warrant clichehood! Cough – anyway, I’ll start opening up comment threads on the comics and post transcriptions as the first comment and that’ll fix that. It’ll probably be mid-January before you see any of this. I’m drowning in actual paying work too and all my clients want to kill me.


My orifice has produced a variety of found and digested internet amusements for you to peruse with your fingers. I don’t know what exactly that involves. I presume it’s kind of like braille but with orifice substance.

I suppose this comic about interconnectednesses is the kind of thing that would go up around here if around here ever involved things that were vaguely plausible.

I have been reading blogs for inspiration. I know, I know. But if you read them too, you may get a sneak preview of what is going into my head. You probably shouldn’t, unless you read Hipster Runoff, in which case you’ll probably be soothed.

I only link to the highest quality pratfalls. The key to high quality pratfalls is psychology, as you will find.

Gotta do this. Haven’t done it yet. Gotta do it. What is it? Infinite breakfast! I also have to do this which is not infinite but it is beautiful.

I found a capable cartoonist on Flickr that produces reliably amusing cartoon products. So, you know, different than here.

Experimental comics. Haven’t yet read alla this.

I like fine art too and this painter looked interesting. Protip: don’t read the captions. Beans wrote the captions. I’m not even joking, I’m totally jacking this site for Beans quotes.

Speaking of jacking, I have found this company useful for all my stock panel needs. You can see it implemented in Big Help if you look. It’s like Where’s Waldo but with creative atrophy. So it’s perfect for the internet.

Let’s end this pile of links on a high note.

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