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Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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Welp, looks like comics again.

Yeah, I kind of got… completely & totally sick of comics for a while there, I guess is a good way of covering it. I’m still not totally sure I like comics again so it may be another comic or so before I’m sure I’m back and start trying to spread the word to such people as may still give a poop. Essentially what I am after is an egalitarian arrangement of poop donation.

I also redesigned to make comics bigger, mostly because I have a bigger monitor now and the universe revolves around me, but also to enhance readability and make sure this cartoon remains fully incompatible with the latest in Apple mobile devices. I am not at all sold on iPads, mainly for class reasons: real awesome, $500 extra + whatthefuck a month to be able to read digital comics in your lap, if I wanted to do art for disposable-income-motherfuckers I’d stop doing art for reproduction entirely which is something I’ve actually thought about so don’t test me.

If it makes you feel any better I have been fasting from Netflix for the entire duration of the Nobody Scores interregnum. Tomorrow I am watching the fuck out of Paprika, you guys.

Also if it makes you feel any better I have added another five months to this comic’s planned lifespan. I aim to do this thing for five years and I am sticking to it. I don’t care what happens, which will probably be nothing, and then brain cancer, which I’m betting will take care of the caring part real good.

I did redesign a bit. (I still need to go into the info pages but that’s ok.) Basically I got rid of everything I stopped giving a shit about, so no rack of links on the side. If I am interested in something I will drop a link here and that is where it will stay, with the comic I drew at the time. Things are more honest that way. It may be some time before I throw any webcomic links around here though, because I am still real sick of those things. It’s nothing against you, though, if you are reading this and think it might be. I also got rid of the ads which I may or may not bother to bring back.

I’m writing up the scripts on the computer these days (I have like 12 of them queued so no worries on that score) so I’m going to attach the script as the first comment of each thread, so those of you who have been typing shit into Ohnorobot can be relieved of those thankless duties. Also yes the comments are tied with the comics now. Additionally, as I plow through the archives and resize the old comics, I plan to dig up the old commentary sections and link ‘em to whatever comic is closest to the pub date, and hopefully reattach the old comments as well. This will probably really fuck with the RSS feed but honestly I sort of don’t care. You’ll live, I think. Then I have to look into a fucking spam system.

So I guess I am back on Planet Whatever This Is, huh?

Important Videos I Have Watched As I Wrote/ Drew/ Etc This Comic, In Order Of Importance

This video changed my life. It will change your life as well.
This band gives me actual hope for music in the 2k10’s. This also explains Jane Doe’s shirt in this comic. Jane Doe may be America’s least responsible citizen but she knows her shit.
She also gives me hope for music in the 2k10’s, but a little less so, because you’re gonna like her too, if you haven’t seen this already a billion billion times.

Up To The Minute

Figuring out something slightly different for posting the scripts. Some more design fidgeting as well. Splicing old text articles: easy! Splicing old user comments: possibly pretty arcane.

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