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Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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So with this here entry I’ve finally caught up to… how do I phrase this comprehensibly?… “things I was thinking about when I couldn’t think of any comics” maybe. But, you protest, this is a comic! (If you do not protest this you get to shut up.) Yes, yes it is, but I didn’t want to lead off with it, because it’s one of those comics that takes somebody else’s comic and runs around with it in circles until it’s good and droolly. That’s right, it looks familiar because it comes from this xkcd strip from a few months back. When I read that one, I was like, well that is dumb, how’s that guy supposed to care, and I had my first Nobody Scores installment written in quite some time.


Mostly I found xkcd readable during my comic allergy episode because it’s hardly a comic, it feels like. There are a couple of other projects that caught my eye during this time, neither of which are totally exactly comics. The one is Hyperbole and A Half, a pretty popular blog written & liberally illustrated by a woman with a real knack for MS Paint stick figures. I am not an art snob. On the other hand some people are better at stick figures than others. She’s good.

The other is sort of a graphic blog called Firmuhment which uses scanned objects and handwritten entries to pretty solid expressive effect. It’s almost entirely abstract, artwise, but the backdrops do more for the project than, say, the photos behind A Softer World seem to contribute to that comic, somehow. So it’s worth a look.


Literally multiple people have asked me, “where is your donation button? I want to donate!” and well, like my one true hero in this fallen world, I’ll take any motherfucker’s money if he giving it away, so I’ve decided to oblige. I’ll set up a separate info page in a little while, but until then, this will be where you click to donate. Get ready though, ‘cause you know, this is Nobody Scores, where we do nothing half-assed except for comics:

(that’s a PayPal donation button)

That’s right, I have the power of Sarah McLachlan and sad puppies on my side.

Actually I’d sort of rather set up donations to a group that’s responding to Oil Catastrophe 2010 if that’s possible, though honestly I’m looking for something that’s less in the form of “cleanup crew” and more along the lines of “guerrilla organization” at this point. If I really have to, and I probably do, I’ll settle for some sort of alternative-energy-fuck-you-oil-industry foundation, the further along the shoot-the-moon and fuck-you-oil-industry axes the better. I’ll try to look into this but ideas are totally welcome.

Big large comics are coming after this one.

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