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Nobody Scores! A little comic about inevitable disaster
Nobody Scores - A little cartoon about inevitable disaster





Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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Man, that was stressful! I decided to do one of those multi-comic updates that real internet cartoonists like Kate Beaton do. Well, “decided” is an awful dignified word. More accurately I imported a production process directly from the country’s most ubiquitous sitcoms: I got stuck on the one comic for a while, decided “ooh, I have another comic on that theme, I’ll package that one in”, got stuck on the one comic some more (they may be written already but sometimes they look less good in the execution), observed “oh shit it’s been over a week, I’d better throw a third one in there”, and then once I finally drew everything, I had to color all those motherfuckers. Somewhere along the line I lied about being friends with Steve Guttenberg and borrowed five hundred dollars from my neighbor’s sketchy uncle, which money the dog ate twice. I am fairly certain about that last part.

Obviously I have still not settled on a physical workplace or mental workplace that works yet, so until such time feel free to be super leisurely about swinging by.

This should fucking do it for “nerds” as a theme around here for forever, though like I say on the last comic I sort of like that one little guy I drew.


I have discovered an incredibly entertaining thing which I must share with all of you. It is a television show you have not heard of that is called Party Down. I am sure you haven’t heard of it because, to hear everyone connected to the show talk about it, there are possibly more people reading this website than viewing the show. I think I am joking there but I am honestly not sure. Time to correct that shit! Because Party Down is the funniest show there is. It takes a few episodes to get into, but every single one is more hilarious than the last. You can catch it on their website or on Netflix Instant Watch though there is probably region-specific bullshit involved: good luck, world citizens!

Damn, reading all that, it sounds like a paid advertisement, but I promise I am one hundred percent the fuck sincere plus completely obsessed with catering in LA now. I do expect to get paid, but how that is going to work is you are going to watch the show and then you are going to thank me with money.

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