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Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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I don’t know what the shit it is with my drawing brain lately but it is probably a tumor. This comic is not the one I was working on for so long and is not the sci-fi-themed one that I’d promised earlier; that one is still in the pipeline but I needed to draw an easy one first. Audience Participation was planned to be a one panel comic so you can see the level of fuckedupness I am living with lately. Plans to procure a cell in a monastery for drawing focus purposes continue apace however.


It’s still been a struggle trying to stay interested in comics but I found a few things that reminded me what I saw in them, recently. We’ll start with a tumblr, the title of which – SHIT COMICS – really spoke to me. It’s all underground stuff but the selections pick out one thing that’s really great about comics which is how you get these pictures, you look at them and go, wow, nobody has any business ever making a picture of that! What is that anyway? But there it is, still staring at you.

So, mid-doing-the-other-comic, I realized the sort of pictures I actually wanted to draw and started casting around for a story to hang it on.

There’s more! I found this entry and thought, yes! Finally! The best possible artist to hand a Batman story: Marcel Duchamp! But! That is not what happened! The picture was linked to an actual story by actual comics artist Connor Willumsen and this is the point where you shut up and read that last link because this guy is really fucking good, especially if you are interested in infinite canvas escapades, because this guy creates extremely cool comic flows, much cooler than I’ve ever managed. Go over there, read some good comics for a change, yeah?

Also, if this page is not full of filthy lies, nobody has ever e-mailed the guy about his comics. If true that is some bull shit and I expect you to cure that condition immediately after reading your fill of course.


A reader pointed me at this video which I feel is worth sharing with everybody. It is a history of that strange 20th century device, the typewriter, and it is told with uncompromising detail.

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