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Read stuff on the internet. Will to engage has been sapped again. Have things in pipeline, though.

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…hey, wait, I have a website?

Yeah, this is a comic about my new most favorite holiday. No, I’m no back just because Achewood is, I’m an independent human (debatably human) being with my own circumstances and motivations, I’m doing this because I guess I still have some more of these to do.

I’m not totally sure I want to be doing this again, yet, but this time I’m dipping my toe in a bit more carefully. Comments and RSS are dead at least for a while. Comments because people are pack animals, probably like yaks, and I don’t need to deal with alpha-yak psychological bullshit on top of everything else, RSS because I wanna keep shit quiet for the moment, until I know I’m gonna keep it up for a bit, and let’s be real: this thing totally looks like ass in an RSS feed. Don’t lie, you know it’s true.

If I could come up with a way for the RSS to just read ding, here is comic, link, that’d be the coolest.

In a little while I’ll amend this post with some of the stuff I’ve been consuming the past year. It’ll be real short, I’m basically a monk now. An alpha-yak monk. I guess you can make me into like a D&D character if you want. Let me know if I get killed by a poison needle.


Woops, I did not kill the RSS. Did I this time? Yargh!

I wanted to turn it on again at some point and have you all discover maybe ten comics, instead of one, so maybe if you close your eyes and wait until there are ten comics, and then open them, that would work? Except in the way that it would never work, because comics communicate by sight! This is one of a variety of ways in which comics remain stupid. Oh well, I can probably hire bike messengers to contact my existing readers, it’s probably within my budget.


Factual information inserted at reader behest! I’m a little wary at setting a precedent here, as I am still too young to draw “Pluggers”, so: any reader-behested additions to comics will be relegated solely to “Professor Raoul’s Fact Corner” and probably credited to Ryan Gosling. So thank you, Jake Wasserman, I mean Ryan Gosling! You’re great on the internet as a feminist and or particle physicist! Let me know if you don’t want employers tracking you back to this website!

Also there’s a little extra I meant to put in there. The machine is slow to start up again, folks.

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